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BarCheep is a beautifully simple way to find happy hour specials happening now.

BarCheep started as a personal project (circa April 2013) to consolidate Harrisonburg's happy hour specials for me and my friends, and I thought it'd be fun to see how far I could take it, so here it is now as a webapp and iPhone app in 2 cities! BarCheep exists because Virginia bars aren't allowed to directly advertise happy hour specials thanks to some archaic alcohol laws. This is a fun way to get around that law.

I tried to make this app as simple as possible so that we're not all sitting at the bar with screens illuminating our faces all night (seriously, we've gotta stop that mess). It's ad-free and donation based, so if you find it useful and would like to help me make a bit of a living, I've got this Pay-What-You-Will, Cancel-Anytime Donation/Subscription™ and would appreciate any contribution so much! Thanks, and enjoy!!

Specials last updated: 12/8/14 at 8:06 PM

Made by Ben Rellick